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Burak Technologies Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management solution provides foolproof fleet and inventory tracking and various important analytic and statistical data.

Built for Medium and Large scale Fleets

What is Fleet Management ?

Fleet Management is the use of GPS & GSM technologies to identify, locate and maintain location reports with one or more fleet vehicles in real-time. Immediate access to the location and speed history of individual fleet vehicles allows precisely time-managed, current & forward journey planning, fuel consumption & summary, speed statistics, responsive to changing travelling conditions and theft prevention.

Why use Fleet Mangement ?

Fleet Statistics are a vital part of any organization to accurately witness the entire scenario in real-time, without worrying about intentional and unintentional corruption of data logged by human staff. With accurate speed, mileage, fuel and location summaries available in real-time, managers can better plan organization and usage of vehicles for improved efficient and fleet maintenance. This results in direct savings from fuel & vehicle theft, over-speeding tickets and in-direct savings from being able to plan efficient routes and efficient vehicles.

Fleet Management provides following advantages to an organization:

What We Offer ?