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Burak Technologies Embedded Solutions

Almost any electronic devices nowadays required software to run. Having more than 15 years of experience in firmware development we can provide you with the help you need. To get an overview of our experience the lists below show technologies we have successfully used in customers projects.

Burak Technologies Pte Ltd

Designs, Develops and Produces innovative electronic products for the industrial market, we are always open for making successful collaboration, offering qualitative services and profitable partnering programs. We help turn your ideas into real and successful products. Products which meet your specific requirements

Specter of our facilities includes:

Custom development is one of priority services performed by our company. It allows to embody tasks of any level of complexity, using most innovative technologies and creative approach. Be sure that before final product reaches the market, it will be carefully tested and improved by our competent engineers.

Our vision

To continuously grow as a Professional Development Company and be a reliable business partner to our clients across the globe.

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