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Welcome To Burak Technologies

Burak Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore based technology company pioneered by a group of Computing Professionals, Engineers and Technologists who saw potential in combining their experiences to bring exceptional quality products and services to their clients. Their vast experience in the fields of Multimedia, Embedded, Automation and Web Technologies attracted even more of their professional colleagues from within their domains to join them in their quest for delivering perfection. With enough manpower and experience at their disposal, the enterprise saw potential in not just delivering exceptional quality Services and also initiated Product Development to provide Clients with Plug & Play solutions. Being oriented towards innovative productivity in our work, we come up with essential tools to provide customers with state-of-the-art, trend-setting and easy to use solutions.

Our programming specialists focus on delivering solutions for small start-ups as well as large organizations and companies. The team of purposeful and experienced professionals works hard to extract maximum performance from modern technologies.Our specialists have solid experience not only in Windows and Linux development but in programming for Mac OS, Android and various other mobile platforms.

We are always open for making successful collaboration, offering qualitative services and profitable partnering programs. Here is a glance of our services and solutions...

Custom development is one of priority services performed by our company. It allows to embody tasks of any level of complexity, using most innovative technologies and creative approach. Be sure that before final product reaches the market, it will be carefully tested and improved by our competent engineers.

Our vision

To continuously grow as a Professional Development Company and be a reliable business partner to our clients across the globe.

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